Who Are You Not To Shine?

The World Misses Out When Your Brilliance is Not Seen.

As a Senior Communications Specialist with 27 continuous years experience and former University lecturer, I help you tell your authentic leadership story. Let me guide you to connect with your audience, actualise your vision and leave this world a better place. The time is now.

Personal Branding

Mentoring Leaders with authentic communications to build the online visibility and networks that are needed to create true impact, grow people and reach new audiences.

"We can’t possibly see ourselves as others do. But we need to have that clarity so build the essential connections that help us achieve our goals. The time is now. Gain insight. Muscle up our communications. Open doors and make a difference. The world needs you. Now. "


Growing Purpose-Driven Businesses

Helping mission-centric organisations cut through digital noise and lead the way by building their brand visibility and accelerating sales. Creating business impact.

Who I’ve Worked With

Speaking Engagements

Hard to believe that when such a softly-spoken, gracious, elegant and somewhat introverted leader like Trudy gets onstage, the room is silenced. Well, it’s true. When this no-nonsense, no-holds-barred Grandma grabs the microphone, people sit up. And pay attention.

"Working with Trudy Johnston, has been a top shelf experience. Trudy and her team are warm, professional, and impeccable in all their dealings - a class act. Trudy is the benchmark!"

Toni Childs, International singer


Lead Generation:
A Beginners Guide


Personal Branding:
The Essentials

Branding Coach

Your reputation is invaluable and irreplaceable. Trusting it in the hands of another is a very significant decision. As a specialist Personal Branding Coach and Personal Branding Strategist, my team and I take this responsibility very seriously.

I’m one of the fortunate few who knew very early in my career what I passionately wanted to do. Fast forward 27 years, I’m supporting leaders on a mission to make this world a better place by putting them at the forefront of the very latest in communications strategy and campaigns.


Through Communications Leadership Coaching, my team and I’ve worked with the best of the best: Olympian athletes, leading international orchestral conductors, authors who are household names, mentors for the UN in Afghanistan and Iraq, leaders of luxury heritage fashion brands, Grammy-nominated artists such as Toni Childs. The list goes on. 


But one thing unites: Nearly everyone we work with identifies as an introvert who fears misrepresentation. I see the ‘Imposter Syndrome’ so alive and well. That’s normal for us. It’s our deepest commitment to replace that fear with total confidence – together.


As a full-service specialist Personal Branding agency, we’re here for one thing only: to make this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. 


When leaders have the proper tools to communicate, visions become realised. Anything is possible.


Our work may be called ‘Personal Branding’, and it’s true that I am a leading Personal Brand Specialist, but the real key for me is building leadership. My work is the mirror who reflects your brilliance back to you and gives it form. From here, an entire digital eco-system is created for you – website, social media, SEO content, design and speaking engagements.


It’s a rare, somewhat unusual occupation being a Personal Branding Consultant. It’s a deep privilege. Confidentiality is essential. Respect for what is real and true is a mandatory. 


Ours is not the agency for fake personas, fuelled by vanity metrics. 


When leaders communicate with strength, conviction and eloquence, we can have the world we dream of. When leaders remain silent and invisible, the vision lies in the top drawer and remains merely a dream. 


So talk to us. The time is now. The world needs your unique brilliance and personal expression.

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