Leader’s Leader

The Me of Now

Trudy’s commanding leadership of the Personal Branding, PR and marketing world is the culmination of 27 years of senior experience delivering results for visionaries in their fields. 

She has led media operations for iconic global events such as Sydney 2000 Olympics, mentored United Nations trainers operating in Afghanistan and Iraq, launched debut authors to the front page, empowered Grammy award-winning artists and helped ignite transformative business leaders.

Her role as a Lecturer at the UNSW (Masters level) allowed her to pass on her legacy of authentic Personal Branding and marketing.

The Me I Grew From

When I was four years old my mother took my brother, sister and myself to the neighbours, left and never returned. The sheer weight of that experience was a catalyst to my father’s illness a few years later. These events had a profound impact on my life. 

First, there was struggle. A lot of it. From the age of 14 I worked at Blacktown McDonalds to pay for my school tuition. Responsible teenager? Not so. My late teenage years were wild enough to make Mick Jagger blush. 

If I knew at 14 that education was my way out, it became blaringly obvious as a young single mother on welfare. I won a university scholarship and hand wrote my assignments while my daughter played around me. 

I built a wildly successful international career, but it took decades to forgive my mother. Once I did, the power of that act was a catalyst to finding love and happiness to match my business success.

My struggles have given me a dogged tenacity and drive to over-achieve. They have given me a depth of compassion and compass for integrity that allows me to build a life I’m proud of.

I have an intuition that I underestimated for too long. A gift to see people objectively and understand their brilliance – and help them to amplify that in the world. 

I help them use their story to build the business and life that they want. To be the leaders they need to be to make that happen.

Stay inspired and dream big


Trudy x