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Trudy Johnston

From Unseen to Impact. Realise your full potential and quell your Imposter Syndrome. Fuel the power of expressing yourself, tell your Power Story with conviction. Bring ALL of you onstage. Connect with your audience - meaningfully.

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Who Are You Not To Shine?

Our terror of success cripples us far more than our fears of failure. The world is robbed when we hide our brilliance. 

Most of us buy into the myth of natural public speaking ability. Communications is a learned skillset. Grounded in value alignment, authentic leadership can be galvanised only through strong communication skills. 

Each leader must master 5 essential steps of authentic leadership communications to lead, to be heard and to be remembered. Witness Trudy, a master storyteller, show how it’s done.

How To Get Over Imposter Syndrome

Social media brings us together, flings us apart. Mercilessly, we measure ourselves by the vanity of Likes and Shares. Imposter Syndrome secretly permeates our inner terrain.

Hear Trudy battle the Inner Fraudster. Witness this dragon slayer of vanity metrics in a fearlessly frank reclamation of the power of storytelling to grow audiences and authentic leadership communications.

What Makes a Good Leader So Compelling?

Great orators are remembered. To gather and influence people, to actualise their vision a leader must intimately master storytelling.

Without connection, no leadership is possible. Without clear messaging no networks can be built. Without clear communication, no momentum can be generated. 

Authentic leadership is only possible with strong storytelling. Learn how to drive impact from the master mentor – Trudy Johnston – who turned her personal story into her hero’s journey. 

“Visibility for leaders is mandatory. Why? A human face personifies an organisation. People want to buy from people, not from organisations they have no relationship with.”


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